Saturday, January 30, 2010

Throwing A Green Super Bowl Party

Did you know the Super Bowl is going green this year. You can do it at home just as easy. Just follow a few suggested listed below:
1. Send an evite - use online invitation sites like or instead of mailing the paper invitations. This save on money too.
2. Stay away from the tradition decorations. Use fresh fruit, flowers and food instead. Use LED lights in your teams colors.
3. Go Organic or use local food - serve local food from your farmers market. If you really want, go vegetarian - it takes less energy to get a pound of vegetables rather than meat, plus it's healthier. Pizza delivery is up 30% Super Bowl day, but those boxes they come in aren't recyclable. Make your own pizza.
4. Recycle your small TV ; Big screen TV sales go up 60% right before the Super Bowl. If you must get a new TV at least get an energy efficient one. You can lease for the big game too. Donate your old TV or sell it on Craigslist. You'll keep mercury, lead and other waste out of landfills.
5. Use real dishes and glasses: Paper and plastic may be easier but they fill up the landfills. If you need to buy paper, at least buy biodegradable plates, napkins and cups. Be sure to use eco-friendly dishwasher detergent.
6. Use Recycle Bins: Place bins for your guests to sort their garbage.
7. Beer: Buy local brewed beer
8. Have your guests carpool
9. Halftime flush: it's estimated that 90 million people flush toilets during halftime. Invest in a water-efficient toilet or even the waterless urinals. If the party is in your house use bathroom towels instead of paper.

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