Saturday, March 13, 2010

Top Tips When Buying A Printer

1. Before you buy a printer check to see how easy it is to remove a paper jam or change your ink cartridge. If you use special paper and forms, bring them along to the store to make sure the printer can handle it. Check the space where you will be placing the printer, is there enough room for the paper tray?

2. If you are replacing an older printer, be sure you have updated parallel port cables. Older cables can cause poor quality output, freezes and other problems because they were not built to handle today's data.

3. You'll save money in the long run, if you purchase a printer with at least a four color system. You replace the ink only of the used cartridge and not wasting the other colors.

4. Install a new printer and it's not working? Be sure you have changed the printer default

5. What is the kind of output you plan to print? Text, graphics, photos, each is a different need for a printer. laser printers offer the best text quality and inkjets offer the best photo and graphics quality.

6. If you only need to print in black, a monochrome laser printer is the best choice. It is faster than color inkjet printers and provides higher quality text. The cost to run a monochrome laser is usually less than inkjets.

7. When checking the speed a printer's output is, check on the setting you will most likely be using. The higher quality you need, the slower the printing.

8. Do you really need a network printer?

9. Not all printers allow memory upgrades, some printers do not need memory and print directly from your computer.

10. A good rule of thumb is to pick a printer with a monthly duty cycle that is about 3-4x the number of pages you expect to print.

11. Check the price of the cartridges. Are there new compatible or refilled cartridges available or do you have to buy just the OEM cartridges. Running a laser printer is cheaper than an inkjet printer.

12. Do you need a multifunctional printer?

13. If you have any questions on your next printer, please feel free to call us at 800 459 2626 for advice.

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