Sunday, June 27, 2010

Green Summer Tips

Summer is here, it's hot and all we can think about is sipping cool drinks, BB Q's, traveling, letting the kids run under the sprinkler and just relaxing. You can remain green even in the heat of summer, here are a few of my favorite tips:
1. Buy Local: Farmers markets are popping up all over you can cut down on the use of fossil fuel used to transport food across the country. You are getting the freshest of foods plus helping the local economy.
2. Plant a home garden: It's an excellent family activity
3. Gas BB Q'S:are much cleaner for our air than using wood or charcoal. If you must use charcoal try all natural Cowboy Charcoal.
4. Make your own Popsicles reusing the mold over and over again instead of buying boxes all summer long.
5. Going on a picnic? Bring plates & silverware from home instead of using disposable items
6. Drink plenty of cold water (that is kept in your fridge) this drops your body's core temperature down without using AC.
7. Use Chemical Free Bug Repellents like garlic & rosemary for skeeters or vegetable oil & aloe gel for ticks and mosquito's.
8. Turn your AC down a few degrees, saves money and helps the planet
9. Use a ceiling fan, along with your AC. In a room of normal height (8-10FT), you should operate your fan so that it turns clockwise causing a more directed downdraft. This causes a wind chill effect because the skin evaporates slight amounts of water from the sweat glands and therefore provides cooling through the skin's surface
10. Keep your blinds and drapes closed and your house will stay cooler
11. Use the microwave instead of the oven reduces excess heat in the house
12. Turn off all unnecessary lights when not in use.
13. Use a clothesline
14. Use a drying rack for your dishes
15. Water plants and lawns only when necessary and not at high noon. Water in the early morning or early evening.
16. Use solar lighting outside whenever possible
17. Find local activities to do instead of long trips

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